The Devil & The Moon

by Darius Greene

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released January 28, 2017




Darius Greene Texas

Rhythmic tintinnabulary cabalettas inside soft baked fairy tale threnodies - lilting moontouched theremins, psychic lithographs of balloons - sleeping during dogwatch in the crosstrees by the languid moans of threadbare weatherboards - gritty euphonic lo-fi transmissions from long dead moon farms - the invocations from antique radios short circuiting in cool spring rain... ... more

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Track Name: Nothing
There is no moon above.
There’s no clouds that weep.
There will never be a shadow or a falling leaf.
There is no blackness. There is no white or red.
No pining blue wave kissing sea in it’s rolling bed.
You won’t hear the sound of bells or bleats, no song of lark or tufty sheep.

There’s no heart which beats. No drums or sleep.
Not a dream. Not a door. Nor a mouse under your feet
There’s no one shaking.
There’s no one being told, that somebody still loves them
or there’s nothing left to hold.

There was no before, and there’ll be no after.
You were never here or there.

There is no hell below.
There’s no bliss or sacrifice.
There will never be a cruel touch or a poem that sighs.
There’s no magic spells.
No youth or getting old.
There’s no bargain being hunted or a sign that you’ve been sold.

There’s no tire swings or stings of angry wasps;
and there’s no days when you felt lost.

There are no sad, sad songs. There’s no reason to ever cry.
No one waves hello or packs their bags to say goodbye
There’s no sweet soft kiss to your ear, or your dry lips,
not a breath on your neck, or their finger on your hips.

There is no before and there’ll be no after.
You were never here or there,
or anywhere.