In The Kissing Room

by Darius Greene

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Kissing Room

Welcome to the kissing room. leave your voice outside
you can’t come in without your blood that’s due, just put your money in the fire
This is house made of tall tall dreams, a kind of place you worship.
With each electric pulse along the surface like flames that lick the cranium of the furnace.
Here they stick to the midnight glue and drown until the baby sun comes through.
nobody’s gonna tell nothing you’ve done.
You want those black out eyes before you run, run, run.

Welcome to the kissing room. Leave your howls outside.
You can’t come in with all your blood inside.
The feelings that you write.

A serpent's heart is what you fed it.
The echo’s not the way you first said it.
She thought she found a way to shed it clean off,
a mask has just the power that you let it cost.
You were shaking in the hallway. He was grinding you down all day.
You’re from another kind of world than them.
But if you can’t get out, get in.

A serpent's heart is what you feed it.
The vision’s not the way you first seen it.
If every ray of sun light is now eclipsed,
then why not put on your dancing lips.


released September 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Darius Greene Texas

Rhythmic tintinnabulary cabalettas inside soft baked fairy tale threnodies - lilting moontouched theremins, psychic lithographs of balloons - sleeping during dogwatch in the crosstrees by the languid moans of threadbare weatherboards - gritty euphonic lo-fi transmissions from long dead moon farms - the invocations from antique radios short circuiting in cool spring rain... ... more

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